Catalyst Content Consulting is what happens when someone changes fields from flying spacecraft and satellites for almost 20 years… to writing.

We understand the frustration inherent in trying to make complicated or technical concepts clear to everyone; the result always seems to be confusing, leave the reader feeling vaguely patronized, or both.

Fortunately for clients, we specialize in “explain like I’m five” — without irritating the audience or padding the content with pointless diversions. We provide content that’s clear and direct; websites that can be easily maintained and expanded; and analytical consulting that cuts to the heart of the matter and clarifies the best route forward for your project, plan, or organization.

CCC combines nearly 20 years of experience in aerospace, IT, and engineering with a long history in publishing and editing everything from science fiction magazines to newsletters, as well as writing articles, user guides, newsletters, case studies, training, and more. What do you need? Contact us and let’s discuss how to develop content that fits your needs, whether you need SEO web content or a training program developed.